Q&A: Have You Reviewed the (Latest Handgun Safe)?

Subject: gun safes Message Body: Have you reviewed the Hornady Rapid Safe, gun safe yet? Hi B. [Name Withheld], Thanks for checking out my website. I haven’t reviewed that particular model, but it falls into the category of small gun safes with un-rated electronic locks.  Electronic locks that haven’t been verified by a professional and […]

Q&A: Securing Handguns and Jewelry in an Apartment

Subject: Questions Message Body: Hello Mr. Capra, I am M.[Name Withheld]. I am an avid reader of your blog. It is concise, informative, and well-written. Over the past month I have been looking for a safe to buy but I am pulled in different directions. It is surprisingly difficult very difficult and multifaceted decision. My […]

Q&A: Dedicating a Gun Safe for Ammo

Subject: Ammo Safe? Message Body: I am buying a Sturdy safe and have an old pos Patriot safe I was going to use to store my ammo since ammo costs just as much as guns these days.  But after reading your article I am having second thoughts.  So how do I protect my ammo from […]

Q&A: Protecting Cash and Handguns on a Budget

Subject: a little help? Message Body: I am in awe of this site. Read for two hours today, my eyes hurt so forgive any errors in advance. My issue, I hoped you might help me with Two weeks ago my neighbor on the left and a neighbor 4 houses down were broken into and lost […]

Q&A: AMSEC/Graffunder Vault Door Price Difference

Subject: Vault door Message Body: Hi Jaime, I really enjoyed your site. It is hard to find good information, as you state, from manufacturer’s websites.  Consumer reviews are almost worthless. The reason I write is that I am about to buy an inswing vault door.  I looked at Brown, but they are out of my […]