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Subject: Ammo Safe?

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I am buying a Sturdy safe and have an old pos Patriot safe I was going to use to store my ammo since ammo costs just as much as guns these days.  But after reading your article I am having second thoughts.  So how do I protect my ammo from theft?

Hey A. [Name Withheld],

Congrats on your new safe.

My warning about storing ammo in a gun safe refers to storing ammo in the same gun safe as your guns.  The issue is that in a fire, ammunition can damage the guns.

If you have your guns in a separate location, I can’t think of any issues with storing your ammo in an old gun safe.  You could even use the ammo gun safe as a decoy.  Just don’t put anything really valuable in the gun safe with the ammo.

Maybe I should update the wording of my article to make that more clear; which one were you reading?



I am not sure as I have been reading your site for the last two weeks!!!  Great site by the way, thank you for doing that! 

Helped make my decision process easier and more focused.  Your SEO rankings should have you at the top for any search on gun safes!


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  1. Gregory Johnson says

    The gun safe is created for stored the gun to keep the children away from the dangerous firearm.

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