16 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe (and 12 Reasons Not To)

More than just gun safety, there are many reasons to buy a gun safe.  Some are unexpected, like Homeowners Insurance Coverage Limitations and “Protection from Lawyers” (discussed below). There are also many reasons not to get a gun safe.  The gun safe industry doesn’t like to talk about this, so don’t expect to see these anywhere […]

11 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection

Gun safe manufacturers make a lot of claims about security.  Most of it is smoke and mirrors.  This article shows you how these gun safes fail to stand up to burglars armed with even small tools.  After reading this you’ll have a realistic idea of how much security gun safes really give you for your […]

9 Myths about Gun Safe Fire Ratings

“Fireproof” gun safes are not constructed the same way as true fire-rated safes. To save costs, most gun safe manufactures use $10 to $20 of drywall (Sheetrock) as fire lining, and then charge you a premium for it. Fireproof gun safes can not meet industry standard tests for fireproof safes.  So, gun safe manufactures basically […]

100 Money-Saving Ways to Protect Your Guns

This article covers both cheap alternatives to gun safes, as well as inexpensive ways to increase the security of any gun safe.  It will give you lots of ideas for how you can protect your guns.  You may decide you don’t need a gun safe at all. Many families just want to keep their guns away […]

Where to Put a Gun Safe

In many ways, where to put a gun safe is more important than which gun safe.  Finding the best place to put a gun safe gives you better security, without spending more on the safe. This article will help you balance convenience with protecting your guns, and keep you from choosing a location that actually […]

What to Look for in a Gun Safe

This article is an in-depth analysis of what matters when picking a gun safe.  After reading it you’ll be able to tell if a particular gun safe is any good, and to compare any two gun safes. If you’re looking for a quick 4-minute gun safe overview, see the Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide instead. Quick Reference – […]